I am currently making Learn Anything. Sharing things, writing a wiki and building ideas.

My present and past projects include:

Learn Anything

Learn Anything is an open source website to learn any topic as fast as possible.

The end goal is to create a machine learning system that can craft personalized study plans for learning any topic and an open knowledge graph anyone can explore and extend.

Alfred Workflows

I love programming in Go and making Alfred workflows.

Here are some workflows I made that I use myself daily:

CLI tools

Go libraries

My macOS and iOS workflow

I share fully my macOS and iOS personal setups. Where I share which applications and tools I use and love. I also share my dotfiles. I describe my workflow more extensively in my wiki.

And I made a Telegram group to discuss all things automation on macOS/iOS.

Curated lists

I mostly focus on curating and maintaining the various curated lists which include things like books, courses, blogs and more.

And I made a curated list of privacy respecting tools and services and a list of ways to prepare and places to look to find work programming.

Other things

I am continuously learning, writing, reading books and research papers, making videos and writing code.