Nikita Voloboev

👋 I love making and sharing things I have built with the world.

📚 Building Learn Anything, an open source website for learning any topic as fast as possible.

🖋 I love writing. You can read all the articles I wrote or take a look through my personal wiki where I share everything I know.

🌐 I share my thoughts on Twitter. I share my code on GitHub and you can see photos I took on Instagram.

🎥 I also make educational YouTube videos and share music playlists.

💻 I am passionate about macOS so I made a Telegram group to discuss all things macOS/iOS.

🐾 If you want to know even more about me, you can see what I like and explore my wiki or even search through it, if you like.

♥️ You can support what I do on GitHub. Thank you.

💬 Feel free to ask me anything or send me message/tweet.

☕ I love meeting new people. Check my Now page to see where I am right now.